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Founder of Terrace Tower Group, John Saunders

Our Founder, John Saunders


To understand the Terrace Tower Group, you must go back to our founder, John Saunders. From our inception in 1985, John coupled a sense of family with his wealth of property experience. Prior to founding the Terrace Tower Group, John had many successful businesses including being a Co-Founder of the Westfield Group – one of the world’s leading and most successful retail center developers and managers. John was not only a man of action, he was also very personable. His warm and personal management style, dedication to making things happen, and contribution to the international status of Australia’s retail industry all form the foundation of our success and reputation today.
John was also one of Australia’s most devoted philanthropists and the Saunders Family charitable program continues his passion for supporting worthy causes and helping people in need.


Terrace Tower U.S.A. specializes in acquiring, managing, operating, and leasing high-quality, commercial real estate. Our primary objectives are to acquire well-located, high-quality properties and utilize our professional management expertise to enhance value.

Our Philosophy

Our ownership and management philosophy is based on our commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Our staff of real estate professionals are trained to foresee and respond to the needs of our clients. Managing properties that we own provides us a “leg-up” in the commercial management arena by having the authority and the ability to react quickly without having to go through the time consuming approval processes inherent in public companies, REITS, and third party managed properties. We have the knowledge, ability, and authority to react quickly in all areas of property. From analyzing investment opportunities to financing, leasing, management, legal, engineering, repair and maintenance, capital improvements, vendor relations, and construction issues, our staff is ready and prepared to assist and advise our customers on their commercial real estate needs.

By investing in well-located, high quality properties and professionally maintaining them on a “hands-on” basis while closely looking after the needs of our tenants, we intrinsically ensure that our objective of enhancing value is consistently met, and as an added bonus, we get to see our tenants businesses grow and prosper.

    Quick Facts

  • – Founded in 1985
  • – Privately held company
  • – Specializing in acquiring, leasing, and managing high-quality, commercial real estate
  • – Commitment to customer service and satisfaction